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Saturday, September 23, 2023
In the reportage series Ewout: Ewout Genemans takes a look behind doors that generally remain closed. In the first episode, he delves into the Thai sex industry. For example, he accompanies Dutch men who - in his own words - are looking for real love in Thailand. The Dutch Huig takes Ewout to the strip in Pattaya, known for sex tourism, among other things. Huig knows the comic like the back of his hand and shows Ewout all the ins and outs. He says that many Europeans come to the city looking for a wife and that it is a real Valhalla...


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Pattaya News

Pattaya Residents Frustrated with Public Beach Indecency by Teenagers

Residents of Pattaya have expressed growing frustration with a concerning rise in obscene acts being performed by teenagers on the city's public beach. The...

Unlicensed Karaoke Shop Raided by Pattaya Police, Multiple Illegal Burmese Employees Arrested

In a recent operation, Pattaya police successfully apprehended a group of undocumented Burmese workers and shut down an unlicensed karaoke establishment. The crackdown on...

Drunken Woman in Pattaya Rushes Across Busy Road, Collides With Motorbike

In a startling incident in Pattaya, a heavily intoxicated woman suffered injuries after recklessly dashing across a bustling road, resulting in a collision with...

Foreign National Allegedly Stabbed by Unidentified Acquaintance in Pattaya

In a disturbing incident that took place in Pattaya, a popular tourist destination in Thailand, a foreign national was reportedly stabbed by an unidentified...

Alleged Attack by Bolt Drivers on Rival Motorbike Taxi Drivers in Pattaya Sparks Concern

In a concerning incident that unfolded in Pattaya, reports have emerged of alleged attacks carried out by Bolt drivers on rival motorbike taxi drivers....

“Violent Brawl Involving Bombs and Firearms Leaves One Injured at Popular Pattaya Market”

A violent altercation involving bombs and firearms at a well-known Pattaya market left one individual wounded. The incident occurred on April 23, 2023. According to...

“You won’t believe what happened when this Pattaya wood shop caught fire – shocking footage inside!”

A wood shop in Pattaya has erupted in flames. The incident occurred on April 23, 2023, and was reported to the local authorities at...

“Shocking Twist: Woman in Pattaya Shot Dead by Ex-Boyfriend, Who Later Commits Suicide – Details Will Leave You Stunned!”

A woman was allegedly shot and killed by her ex-boyfriend in Pattaya, a popular tourist destination in Thailand. The man later died by suicide. According...

Arrest Made in Fare Dispute

A motorcycle taxi rider in Pattaya was recently arrested for allegedly threatening a passenger with a knife over a fare dispute involving 40 baht....
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National News

Intoxicated British Man Arrested after Damaging Local Resident’s Home on Lanta Island, Krabi

A British man, under the influence of alcohol, was apprehended by authorities following an incident where he caused significant damage to a resident's home on Lanta Island, Krabi. The...

Phuket Shooting Investigation Begins

In Phuket, Thailand, a foreign man was shot while inside a car, causing panic as the suspect quickly escaped the scene. The incident occurred...

Thai Police Investigate Alleged Highway Bribery Scheme

Thai police are actively investigating an alleged highway bribery scheme following reports of corruption within the transportation sector. The probe comes after a series...

Bank Robber Apprehended with 207,000 Baht at Samut Prakan Shopping Mall

Authorities successfully captured a bank robber who was found in possession of 207,000 Baht at a popular shopping mall in Samut Prakan. The incident,...

International News

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