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1 percent of men change their beds at most once a year


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Sometimes you come across information that you really would rather not know, right? Well, here’s one such example: a recent survey of 9,156 participants from the Hart van Nederland panel in collaboration with LINDA showed that only one per cent of men change their beds at most once a year.

It is normal for most people to change their bed linen every week, but research has made a remarkable discovery. Only one per cent of men fall into the ‘once a year’ bed changers category. This is in stark contrast to the fifty per cent of participants, both men and women, who change their bed linen weekly or even more often.

Making the duvet is not exactly a standard habit for many. Only 45 per cent of participants say they make their bed immediately after getting up. Of the remaining people, 31 per cent indicate that they do it later in the day, while 24 per cent always leave their bed unmade.


Previous studies have also explored this topic. A 2022 British study found that single men rarely change their sheets. In a survey of 2,250 British adults, almost half of the single men were found not to change their bed linen for up to four months, with 12 per cent of them putting it off for even longer. In an interview with Vice, a journalist asked several men how often they wash their bed linens. One of the interviewees replied: ”I can’t remember the last time I changed my bed linen. What’s the point? I get into bed alone every night, so what good is it to change it more often?”

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