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Over 10 snakes found on the bathroom roof of a restaurant.


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A nest of green snakes have taken over the roof of a local restaurant in Chonburi province. The Sriracha rescue team were notified by Huen Pha Laeng restaurant about a group of snakes living on the roof of the restaurant. The restaurant reported to the rescue team that there was a snake nest under the metal roof of the bathroom. Those in the restaurant stated that they couldn’t catch the snakes themselves as there were at least 10 snakes under the roof.

The Sriracha rescue team traveled to the concerned restaurant right away. When they arrived, the rescue team discovered a large group of green snakes living under the corners of the roof structures. They suspected that the snakes were using the restaurant bathroom as a permanent residency for their family.


The rescue team used a mosquito spray to chase the snakes out into the open as some of them were hiding inside a metal pipe. The metal pipe was so long making it impossible for the rescue team to insert the special equipment used to catch the snakes. They spent a very long time trying to catch the snakes but it was not an easy job. The rescue team was only able to catch 3 snakes out of all the snakes.

One restaurant staff stated to the rescue team that at about 10 pm to noon every day over 10 snakes would come out of their hiding spots and rested in the spot between the men’s and women’s bathroom. This has caused great fear to the staff and has resulted in staff avoiding to use the bathroom during those times.

The snakes will then move to the metal structures on the roof of the bathroom around 6 pm daily. Customers and staff have avoided using the bathroom as the snakes are resting above while they perform private business. The restaurant fears that they might lose business if the snakes continue to build a permanent residence in the bathroom.

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