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13-year-old girl chained by her Grandparents


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A  girl was chained inside her home by her grandparents who wanted to discipline her. The story became public when the girl posted on Social media begging help from her friends to come to save her.


The Sanook News team reported on the 9th of this month on the story of a young girl chained inside her own home. On the 8th of this month around 13.00, Captain Chuchart Klinputtital from the National Council for Peace and Order in Suphan Buri was notified from villagers about a girl seeking help in the online world after being chained in a home located at Song Phee Nong district, Suphan Buri province.


When the officials arrived they discovered a 13-year-old girl wearing short pants and a T-shirt with a blue blanket sitting under the bed. The thick chain was about two meters long locked around her neck to the bed.


During the rescue officials met the grandparents of the child, the grandfather was 54 years old and the grandmother was 53 years old. When the grandparents realized who had just entered their house they started to cry, then they turned to the chained girl and ask her why she would do this to her own grandparents. The officials informed them that such action was not legal and proceeded to ask the grandfather for the key so that the girl could be released from the heavy chains.


The grandfather stated that the girl is studying in grade 8 at a boarding school in Kanchanaburi province. During this time in school break, the girl came to stay with the grandparents as her parents were separated. The mother works in Phuket and would come home only 2 to 3 times per year.


One day before the incident, the granddaughter had asked permission to go get her school uniform which was at a friends house. The granddaughter took a motorbike but she never came home. Even after searching for her, the granddaughter was nowhere to be found. When morning arrived, she came home. The grandparents stated that their granddaughter always did this regularly.


The girl usually tells the grandparents that she was sleeping over at a friends house. The neighbors have been gossipping about the girl’s action bringing shame to the grandparents. They decided to discipline her by chaining her, but they never expected that the girl would call the police to their home.

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