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2 young girls run away from house work.


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2 young girls run away from housework.

The police deliver 2 young girls back home after they ran away in the middle of the night. The mother left both girls with the grandmother. The grandmother ordered the children to help clean the house making the girls decide to run away.

The Lampang Police were notified of 2 young girls in a gas station near the Lampang highway. 2 girls were discovered wandering around a convenient store in the gas station, one was 11 years old and the other was 5 years old. The girls were carrying a lot of baggage with them.


At first, the girls told the police that their mother dropped them off at the gas station and their father will be picking them up. The girls let the police drive them to their aunt’s house. When the police arrived they discovered that the girls had lied. It was their friend’s house from school.

Finally, the police realized that the girls had run away from their grandmothers home. They drove the girls back to their residence. The grandmother stated that she has been raising the children since they were babies. The mother left the children with her before returning to work in Bangkok, but the mother has never sent any money back to Lampang for her or the children.

Lately, she began teaching the girls how to wash dishes and clean the house because she needed to go out and find some money to care for them. She promises that she has never laid a hand on them. She has tried her best to teach them, but they have not been accepting to help out.

The girls decided to run away, they packed up their personal belongings and clothes before leaving at night while the grandmother was sleeping. The girls kept on walking along the road from their home until they saw the convenience store in the gas station. The police were notified by a good citizen who saw the girls and found them in the early morning of 11 June 2019.

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