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Police arrest 8, seize over 2,000 fake goods in Bangkok raid


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Bangkok Raid: Police searched Bangkok’s Sampheng area and arrested six Thais and two foreigners for selling goods in violation of copyright, and seized over 2,000 counterfeit products on Wednesday night.


Pol Maj-General Surachet Hakpal, deputy tourist police chief, held a press conference at 2.30am in front of the Grand China Hotel on Yaowarat Road.

Surachet said police searched 10 spots in Sampheng, made the arrests and seized products including mobile speakers, handbags and hats.

He sales of the fake items caused damages estimated at over Bt5million.

Surachet said the operation was an example of the cooperation between Thailand and the US to crack down on violations of copyrights and intellectual property.

The crackdown occurred after the vendors openly advertised their fake goods on social networks.

Surachet said police had earlier cracked down on fake goods in Pattaya.

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