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22-Wheeler carrying 30,000 bottles of beer falls


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22-Wheeler carrying 30,000 bottles of beer falls

A 22-wheeler truck has flipped on its side on Suwinthawong 304 Road in Chachoengsao Province. The truck was carrying 30,240 bottles of a famous brand of Thai beer. The driver was Tas Nirankum 53 years old from Chaiyaphum Province.

Tas reported that he was on his way to deliver 2,520 boxes of beer from the beer factory in Khon Kaen Province to Chonburi Province. When he was driving on the road where the incident took place, a part of the road was under construction.


Then at around 6.30 am another truck ran in front of Tas’s truck making it sway along the road. Because of the current road construction going on, the road was not leveled. Tas lost control and his truck flipped to its side on the road. Luckily, Tas and his wife weren’t injured from the accident.


When the other truck suddenly ran in front of the beer truck, Tas tried to control the truck as he had to slow down unexpectedly. The unleveled road caused the truck to flip over due to the size of the truck added to the heavyweight of the 30,240 bottles of beer.

Thankfully, there weren’t any other cars that were affected by the truck flipping over and no one was injured in the incident. It is unknown whether the truck that cut in front of Tas’s truck had taken any responsibility or whether it is known who the driver is and what company does the truck belongs to.


No public items were damaged in the accident, but the beer bottles dropped down on the road causing a great scene of broken bottles and beer spills. The product warranty company has been contacted along with the insurance company had come to inspect the accident for further review.


The beer bottles that have not been damaged will be picked up and delivered to its destination. The bottles that didn’t survive will be cleaned up and disposed of accordingly.

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