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3 bars in Thong Lor temporarily closed due to violation of the Covid19 regulations


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3 bars in Thong Lor temporarily closed due to violation of the Covid19 regulations

The mayor of Pattaya and his entourage, made up of specially selected members of the Pattaya Police Department, launched a random nightclub inspection of Walking Street, highlighting the owners of the hospitality businesses to observe 8 measures to prevent one repeat of the Mountain Prevent B nightclub fire.

The random inspection was led by Pattaya Deputy Mayor Poramase Ngampiches, along with police officers from Pattaya Police Station. The aim of the operation was mainly to prevent a repeat of the Mountain B nightclub fire, which has now killed 17 people, including a brave naval officer who succumbed to his serious injuries after trying to save other pub-goers.

According to the deputy mayor, 8 measures to be followed for the entrepreneurs in the Walking Street are strictly necessary, and immediately said that the well-known “cheating” would not be accepted:

  1. All acoustic panels that are fixed to the ceiling or walls must be fire retardant or able to withstand a temperature of more than 750°C.
  2. All glass windows, doors or walls must be made of safety glass.
  3. The premises must have a power generator to operate the emergency exit signs in the event of a fire.
  4. The locations must have an approved fire alarm system.
  5. The locations must have a fire extinguisher in every 600-meter radius.
  6. The size of the exit port should be proportional to the number of customers.
  7. The emergency exit must remain open at all times.
  8. The location must have sufficient emergency exits.

Poramese revealed to the media that most of the locations on Walking Street were in compliance with the rules, but some locations had undergone an unauthorized refurbishment, which he said could lead to legal action at a later date.

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