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4 corrupted police hidden in the Drug Suppression Unit


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The beginning of the end for the corrupted police started when 2 relatives of the victims decided to come forward to the police for help. The relatives went to the police in Lopburi province and reported that their relatives have been trapped by false arrest and they will be released only if they pay the corrupted police a certain amount of cash.


The Lopburi police checked the history of cases filed within the provincial police files and discovered that such arrest had never been officially reported. Meaning that the arrest was fake and set up in an attempt to squeeze money out of the victims by using their past history with drugs as the basis.

The Lopburi police decided to set up a sting operation to trap the corrupt policemen hiding as officers in the Lopburi Drug Suppression Unit. The 4 policemen will go through serious disciplinary investigation by a designated panel. All the men are currently discharged for duty awaiting their trial.


Tracing back to the 16th of this month, the 4 policemen went to capture Mister Komsun and Miss Srap. They told both of the victims that they were police but they did not present proof of their position. The men told the victims relatives to not follow them and to wait until further notice. Both of the victims insist that they had no drugs on them at the time of the false arrest.

A women who bartered with the men on the amount of money to pay for the return of the 2 victims reported to the police that after both victims were arrested, the relatives came to the Lopburi police station to visit the victims and to file for bail, but when the police at the station could not find any history of the two victims being arrested at all the police station in Lopburi.


Not long after, one of the victims called a relative and requested for some cash. The relative started to realize what was happening and decided to come forward with the story from the beginning to the Lopburi police.


The corrupt policeman informed the women to bring them 500k THB if she wanted the victims to be released. The victims informed the men that they did not have much money and asked if it could be 100k, they ended up agreeing at the amount of 130k THB. Then this is where the sting operation comes into play.


In the past, both victims have used drugs, but the arrest was false and the corrupted policemen told the victims that they were going frame both of the victims with drug possession if they didn’t receive the amount of cash requested.

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