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59-year-old Thai teacher runs into the wrong woman in Buriram province, Thailand


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59-year-old Thai teacher runs into the wrong woman in Buriram province, Thailand

Buriram police are investigating after photos and clips of a 59-year-old teacher in sexually compromising positions were sent to his colleagues, which allude to the nimble man being blackmailed.

The 59-year-old Thai teacher told police in the northeastern province of Buriram that he had been scammed by a stunning 32-year-old woman from Kalasin.

The victim handed police a profile photo of the woman and the chat log record as evidence.

He said the woman contacted him on Sunday through her Facebook page, which featured a beautiful profile picture called “Sorn Laaiad”. She sent a message asking him to accept her friend request. When he did, she started sending nude pictures of herself to him.

They agreed to meet in Buriram last Wednesday, where he took her for dinner before returning to a hotel together.

He had gone to the police after the woman blackmailed him by saying that she wanted to send pictures with a picture of him in a compressing position to his colleagues. But the person in the sexually explicit photos is someone else and certainly not him.

He admitted to having sex with the woman and making three payments totalling 13,700 baht to her bank account and never allowed himself to be photographed or filmed.

He added that he did not want to press charges against the woman, but that she should stop persecuting him in this way.

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