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80-year-old British tourist critically ill in Thailand


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An 80-year-old British tourist who fell critically ill while on holiday in Thailand is in urgent need of funds to get him home.

An appeal has been launched to raise £50,000 to cover the massive medical bills faced by Derek McGarvie.

But so far it has raised just £205.

Derek, who lives in Great Holm, suffered a massive pulmonary embolism in Thailand almost three weeks ago.

He miraculously survived after being given CPR was put on a life-support machine in hospital.

His savings were eaten up in days by the medical bills, and his son Simon decided to transfer him to a cheaper, government hospital to save cash.

“It was the biggest mistake I have made in my life ever. We very quickly realised that instead of saving my dad this was effectively a death sentence,” he said.

Simon added: “The government hospital was not fit to treat animals. He was placed on a trolley in a room of 50 other very sick people and left alone without any attention in critical condition, no proper bed, no pillow and no sheet.”

The family has now transferred Derek back to a private hospital, which demanded £12,000 up front before they would even take him.

“We managed to find the money from his last remaining savings and family and friends but this is quickly ruining out,” said Simon, who is chairman of the Old Farm Park Community Centre in MK.

He and his sister have chipped in all their savings, and Simon is now desperate to raise cash for continued treatment until his dad is well enough to come home.

“He is still on a ventilator and in ICU with a long road to recovery but with very good chances if we can keep him in the private hospital in Pattaya,” he said.

Donations can be made online here

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