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A bizarre case has taken place in the north of Thailand


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A bizarre case has taken place in the north of Thailand

A Thai man, Khun Wirat and a friend found the body of an eight-month-old fetus in the freezer of a house in the main district. Wirat’s mother said it must be the aborted baby of her adopted son, Benjarong, who is now in jail for theft.

Yesterday, the child’s mother went to Mae Ping police to explain the case, a local reporter reported. She told police that she was made pregnant by Khun Benjarong in 2020, but pregnancy problems arose.

After eight months of pregnancy, an ultrasound showed that the baby had died in the womb and was removed. She said her moon Benjarong had told her he took care of the religious side after getting 5,000 baht from his stepfather.

But that was, as it turns out now ……..a lie. Instead, he had shoved the child into the freezer. She had no idea the fetus was frozen there.

Praew, a made-up name for the 33-year-old mother, said she would now like to have the fetus—which she had never seen before—one by one for a real Buddhist ceremony.

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