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A Thai woman’s claim that her blood was illegally taken appears to have been made up by her


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A Thai woman alleged that organ thieves in Cambodia illegally took her blood and were about to cut her open when she was rescued by the intervention of Lieutenant General Surachate Hakparn aka “Big Joke.”

There is no doubt that she was rescued by “Big Joke”, all the claims were made up by the woman.

The Khmer Times reported this morning that the Thai woman, who claimed to have been the victim of ‘organ harvesting’ in Sihanoukville, Cambodia, had confessed to making up the story.

She told the police she was afraid no one would help her get back to Thailand. The investigation and eventual debunking of the woman’s claims was covered extensively by the Khmer Times.

The Thai woman had alleged that she was originally hired by a Chinese gang in Cambodia to operate an illegal gambling call center. When she arrived in the country and was told to work for the center, she refused. She says she was then attacked, detained, and left to starve before being tempted to harvest her organs for sale

At the time, Lieutenant General in the Royal Thai Police, Surachate Hakparn, told Thai media that she was first lured to Cambodia to work illegally for a China-operated call center and then lured to a place near the Cambodian/Vietnamese border (some Thai media reported on the seaside gambling haven of Sihanoukville).

The woman told police she managed to escape and rented a vehicle to drive to a town on the Thailand-Cambodia border. On the way there, the car stopped for a nap. She says she woke up afterward in the city she had escaped from. At one point, she was able to contact another Thai woman and ask for help.

The police eventually discovered the gaps in her story and questioned the woman, after which the woman burst into tears and said that she made up the whole story. She told police she was taken to a hospital for treatment until she regained her strength.

Only she had not been admitted, there was no record of her admission to the hospital.

The Khmer Times wrote…:

In this case, the truth was nothing more than an attempt to gain notoriety and sympathy while avoiding punishment for illegally crossing the border.”

But that whole “organ diffusion” story had been used before…

“This is similar to the case of a Chinese man who claimed to have been beaten, sold, and blood was drawn when he was unable to pay his debt to get out of Cambodia and so fabricated a story to sensationalize his lie and bring shame to Cambodia.

Many migrant workers, mainly Thai, work in the border casinos, many illegal and underground as well as the online gaming versions. Lured by promises of high income, they often illegally cross the Thai/Cambodian border and end up working for scams and other illegal activities, many of which often realize they are illegal.

In 2007, the World Health Organization estimated that 10% of liver and kidney transplants were performed using illegal trade organs.

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