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Accident detection iPhone 14 warns emergency services during roller coaster ride


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The new function in the iPhone 14 that detects accidents and automatically calls the emergency number does not seem to work optimally yet. American emergency services have already been called several times by accident detection from a roller coaster ride. That reports The Wall Street Journal.

Both the new iPhone 14 and the Apple Watch Series 8, SE and Ultra can detect accidents. With a sensor and a so-called ‘high-g accelerometer’, high G-forces can be registered, which are released in the event of an accident, for example. The sensors are specially trained to detect those forces and when that happens, the device issues a warning. If the user ignores that warning for 20 seconds, the iPhone will automatically call emergency services.

What Apple doesn’t seem to have thought of is wild roller coaster rides. During such a ride, the same G-forces are released and it is also difficult for a person to switch off the warning within twenty seconds.

According to The Wall Street Journal reporter Joanna Stern, U.S. emergency services have already been called in at least six times during a roller coaster ride at Ohio’s Kings Island amusement park. In one of the recordings of an emergency call, the screams of the occupants can be heard.

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