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An internet provider sued Netflix because its new show is too popular


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The Korean series Squid Game is without a doubt the most popular Netflix series of the moment. Many viewers are raving about it, but the South Korean internet provider SK Broadband is anything but happy about it. Because Squid Game is streamed so much in South Korea, the internet provider incurs a lot of extra costs and that is why Netflix is ​​being sued.


The series has been on Netflix since September 17 and is about hundreds of broke people who receive an invitation to a mysterious game, with which they can earn a lot of money. Thinking it’s something harmless, they accept that invitation. But nothing is further from the truth when they end up in a crazy game where their lives are on the line.


Squid Game is so popular worldwide that Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos recently said the series will most likely replace Bridgerton as the most-watched Netflix series ever.

Yet the popularity in South Korea is next level. So popular that internet provider SK Broadband is suing Netflix. Netflix is ​​the second-largest data traffic generator in the country after YouTube. Despite that, both YouTube and Netflix don’t pay a cent to use SK Broadband’s internet traffic. That is in contrast to other large companies such as Amazon, Facebook and Apple, which do pay.


Since the costs for SK Broadband are so high due to the popularity of the series, the internet provider is forced to file a lawsuit. Netflix has indicated that it wants to work out together with the internet provider to ensure that customers are not affected by this riot.

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