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Another foreigner caught in the Thai marriage con


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Another foreigner caught in the Thai marriage con

Sanook related a tale of woe that will be all too familiar to foreign men who have fallen for the Thai marriage con.

In addition the South Korean man in the story was fleeced out of 350,000 baht in just a few short months.

It looks like the Thai woman has a Thai man in the background.

She is a Chiang Mai born woman “based” in Pattaya

Sanook were contacted by “Kim A” who had been moaning about his experience all over social media.

The 40 year old had met his 30 year old Thai lover and got married in Chiang Mai and he paid a dowry.

He sent her funds every month – she had enough to put a down payment on a car. All seemed rosy as they continued their relationship via text messages from afar.

But when he came back in January the woman said her parents had objected to the relationship continuing.

Then came the first of a series of whammies – he saw text messages to a Thai man on her phone.

He confronted her and they argued.

Each time she strung him along with sweet talk and promises of love – so long as he kept up the payments.

She needed cash for the vehicle insurance…then new tires…..then her son.

Yes, she had what many in Thailand refer to as “Instafam” – a child from a previous relationship with a Thai.

Then her poor, ailing old father needed money. The requests kept coming and “Kim A” kept paying.

Only the sick buffalo didn’t need money.

Finally it was decided they would meet again in April but two days before the scheduled reunion she made another excuse saying she had argued once again with her relatives about the relationship.

Exasperated he decided to call her rather than text. If he expressed his love that should win her heart.

A man answered the phone……

By now the penny – if not the millions of won – had dropped and he was 350,000 baht poorer if not wiser.

He told Sanook that at least she should go to South Korea to annul the marriage and free him.


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