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Bad News, Flat Earthers – The Earth Is Hollow And ‘UFOs’ Live Inside It


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We’ve all heard the stories about the Flat Earth theory. You know, how the Earth looks and feels flat, so – despite all the evidence clearly proving its spherical shape – our planet must indeed be flat and those who believe otherwise are just being brainwashed by NASA and the government.

Then there are the Hollow Earth theorists, who also believe The Man is telling fibs – but instead of a flat planet, they reckon the Earth is, well, hollow. No magma. No Earth’s core. It’s just hollow.

Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

Believe any of it so far? Keep reading.

How would you feel if we told you that, inside the Earth’s hollow abyss, you’d find a safe haven for the Nazis of World War Two – even Hitler himself is apparently chilling down there at the centre of the Earth.

Yes, people. When the proverbial shit was hitting the fan for old Adolf, he rallied his troops and boarded a secret plane to the Hollow Earth via an imaginary South Pole Airways.

“WTF?” I hear you cry. Well, allow me to give you some background information.

Hollow Earth theorists (which author WIlliam Yenne claimed to have included Hitler and some of his top advisors, although there’s no historical documentation to verify this) believe that there are hidden openings at the North and South poles, both of which are possible to enter.

The only reason we’ve never noticed them is because, apparently, the satellite images on Google Earth have been tampered with to cover up their existence. WAKE UP, SHEEPLE.

So when Nazi Germany fell down, Hitler and his motley crew had no other option but to journey to the centre of the Earth and spend the rest of their days inside our planet’s core.

It’s a remarkable theory, but one that thousands of people across the world actually believe – and publish literature about.

In his book Top Secret: Our Earth is Hollow, believer Rodney Cluff claims that when you pass the Earth’s hollow threshold you’ll discover the original Garden of Eden along with the Nazis and the Vikings from Greenland.

Cluff claims: “My conception of the Hollow Earth, based on my research, is that the shell of the Earth is about 800 miles thick, from the outside to the inner surface.

“Suspended in the centre of the Earth is a small sun that provides light and life to the interior world.”

Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

In fact, Rodney Cluff reckons that there’s a ‘superior’ race of humans who see themselves as ‘guardians of the planet’ at the centre of the Earth who are protecting us from nuclear wars.

“They have flying saucer technology. They live lives of perfect health for hundreds of years,” he told Atlas Obscura. He also reckons that the inner Earth habitants regularly spy on us using UFOs – specifically spacecrafts and flying saucers.

“They regularly spy on us using spacecrafts and flying saucers,” he told The sun

“They want to keep an eye on us and stop us from starting nuclear war. The majority of UFOs actually come from inside our planet.”

Or course, there is no actual evidence alluding to there being any Nazis, UFOs or even humans (superior or otherwise) having a party at the centre of the Earth. We’ll just have to make our own assumptions on that one.

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