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BBC apologizes for ‘Manchester United is junk’ in news bar


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A striking moment this morning on the British television channel BBC, where the text ‘Manchester United is junk’ could be read in the news bar. The BBC has since apologized on live television to Manchester United and all the club’s supporters. The station explains that someone was learning to use the system behind the scenes.

The text passed in the news bar this morning between 9:00 AM and 10:00 AM, among other major headlines. Presenter Annita McVeigh was tasked with apologizing on behalf of the BBC to any Manchester United fans who may have been offended. “The mistake was made by someone who was learning how to operate the ticker.”

McVeigh further explained, “There were random things written that weren’t meant to be taken seriously.” Other special messages also appeared in the news bar, such as ‘rain everywhere again’.

Reactions to the incident also poured in on social media. BBC presenter and Manchester City fan Clive Myrie, among others, made themselves heard. “I had nothing to do with this!” he wrote. Manchester United’s arch-rivals won the Premier League on Sunday.

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