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Bees build huge beehives under a balcony in Thailand


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A swarm of wild bees built two huge beehives under the balcony of a family in Thailand. The father of the house, Nawawit Bensalaman, aka Bangson, said the bees started building their hive in November last year.

Images from April 4 show how the hives are increasing in size.

What started as a fist-sized lump under the beams of the second floor eventually grew into the giant beehive where the insects thrive.

The bees even expanded their territory and built a smaller nest just two meters from the first.

Bangson said the bees produce quality honey and he has no intention of removing it. He said: “The bees probably built two nests because the back of the house is a woodland garden where pollen is easy to find.

No one disturbs the beehives because they hang from the balcony behind the house.

“They don’t bother us or hurt us. Sometimes they sit on the glass doors and windows, but we let them fly around freely here until they decide to move their nest somewhere else.”

Southeast Asia has eight native honeybee genera, four of which live in Thailand and can be found in major cities such as Bangkok.

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