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Beijing promotes ‘toilet revolution’ in 5,000 restaurants


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Toilet Revolution : Beijing has issued a guideline for restaurant toilets, to improve sanitary conditions of the city’s 5,000 restaurants this year, Beijing Youth Daily reported Friday.


Released by the municipal food and drug administration Thursday, the guideline has more than 40 regulations on the environment, facilities, cleaning and disinfection.

Restaurant staff must check sanitary conditions every hour, and every 15 minutes at meal time. All toilets should be disinfected at least once a day, and other facilities such as faucets, sinks, handrails, hand dryers and air vents should be disinfected at least four times a day.

The guideline prohibits restaurants to use personalized toilet signs that are difficult to identify. Restaurant toilets should also have partitions, mirrors and disposable toilet seat covers.

In 2015, China launched a toilet revolution nationwide to make public toilets cleaner and more regulated. Chinese leaders called for continued efforts to upgrade the country’s toilets.

According to Duan, the guideline will be promoted in Beijing’s public food service sector, with 5,000 restaurants expected to improve their toilet environment and services by the end of the year.

Source: The Nation

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