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‘BIG JOKE’ visited the coastal city of Pattaya yesterday to follow up the ‘Smart Safety Zone 4.0’ project


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 Lieutenant General Surachate Hakparn aka “Big Joke” visited the coastal town of Pattaya yesterday afternoon to follow up on the ‘Smart Safety Zone 4.0’ project.

The meeting was held at the Pattaya City Police Station before Big Joke, along with a sizable police escort, visited local beaches and toured Pattaya.

Big Joke’s nickname, which he embraces, comes from his ability to put people at ease and relax people, even those he has arrested, according to those close to him. Big Joke, formerly THE chief of the Immigration Bureau and known in Thailand for his views, especially on overstaying foreigners, is now a top-level (level 9) adviser to National Police Chief Suwat Jangyodsuk and perhaps one of the most important and powerful police officers in Thailand.

General Surachate told the assembled press “This is a national project that is developing systems to prevent crimes in ‘Smart Cities’. Pattaya is one of those cities, chosen for its importance to tourism with nearly 10 million tourists in 2019 and as part of the Eastern Economic Corridor project. We expect that as borders reopen and tourists return, some criminals may want to take advantage of the situation and foreign visitors. We’re going to prevent that!

“The idea of ​​the project is mainly focused on protecting people by using innovations, technology and electronic strategies to prevent crimes,” said Big Joke.

“The security zone for the Pattaya area is centred on Jomtien Beach and the surrounding area with a radius of 9.97 kilometres, the general said.

According to Big Joke, the innovations, technology and strategies that Pattaya’s city police are using for the project (some of these were in place before, but they’re all coming together as part of Smart Safety Zone 4.0):

  • Control Command Operations Center: CCOC (Operations Control) with 190 CCTV cameras. CCTV cameras throughout Pattaya and Jomtien have recently been repaired and upgraded to ensure the program works.
  • Emergency notification system (SOS poles) on Jomtien Beach. These are new and by pressing the red button on a pole they will “call” a police officer to help someone in need.
  • Line Official Account: ‘Pattaya Police’. This ensures regular updates on what is happening in Pattaya in terms of law enforcement.
  • A Line group for reporting from banks and gold shops. This group helps banks and gold shops align and communicate quickly in the event of robberies or robberies.
  • One Line group for communities and areas, such as Walking Street. This allows local business owners to quickly communicate with the police and ask questions and get answers.
  • The Facebook page: ‘สภ.เมืองพัทยา’.This is the official Facebook of Pattaya Police.
  • Application: Police Alerts You. A mobile application that alerts users to trouble, traffic, weather, etc.
  • Application Police 4.0. Another application for police assistance and information.
  • Application Crimes Online. Submit a request for notifications and issues.
  • Development of local communities in terms of community surveillance programs to assist the police in areas without significant coverage and patrols.
  • Work with people by connecting CCTV cameras to witnesses and victims for incident reports, to help identify suspects and solve crimes faster.
  • Using police drones to patrol and respond to urgent crimes.

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