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Boeing 747 for sale, One careful owner


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Boeing 747 for sale, One careful owner

Monetarily lashed Thai Airways International is to sell 34 airplanes

with planes being around 20 years old,  these planes are now available to any individual that is wanting something a little different.

The line up of aircrafts includes the Airbus A340-500 and A340-600, which were purchased during the residency of previous Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra for the non-stop routes between Thailand and the US, which end up being lemon, that had cost around seven billion baht in losses.

There are additionally two Boeing B737-400 airplanes, that were built between 1992-1993, three Airbus A340-500 planes, built-in 2005-2007, six Airbus A340600, built-in 2005-2008, ten Boeing B747-400s, built-in 1993-2003, six Boeing B777-200, built-in 1996-1998 and six Boeing B777300, that were built in 1998-2000.

Twenty of the aircrafts that are being sold are still in working, while the rest have been decommissioned.

Individuals that are interested in buying can offer through the [email protected] site from today and bids will end on November 13th. The planes are to be sold as seen, there is no after-deal guarantee.

Thai Airways International, Thailand’s flagship carrier, is currently rebuilding after it declared financial bankruptcy protection

Thai Airways failed to pay back loans and bonds adding up to 85 billion baht, or 33.1% of its all-out assests.

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