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Boxing legend Tyson Fury’s nephew stabbed to death: ‘Stop knife violence’


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British boxer Tyson Fury (34) announced on his Instagram yesterday that his nephew Rico Burton was stabbed to death on Saturday night. The boxer calls on the government in the same post to take tougher action against knife violence.

” My cousin was murdered last night, stabbed in the neck,” Fury writes in the Instagram post. Burton is said to have watched the boxing match between Anthony Joshua and Oleksander Usyk in a bar in Manchester. After the boxing match, he decided to look for another bar to have one last drink.

Outside the second bar, Burton and a 17-year-old boy were later found bleeding by police heading for another fight. Burton was allegedly stabbed in the neck during a senseless and unplanned attack, police said. Both boys were taken to hospital, where Fury’s cousin later died of his injuries. Two men aged 21 and 20 have been arrested and are suspected of murder.

More and more people have recently died as a result of knife violence in the United Kingdom. The boxer calls the knife violence a ‘pandemic’ in his Instagram post. “It has to stop as soon as possible. Only idiots carry knives.” Fury calls on the government in England to increase the penalties for knife violence. The boxer closes his Instagram post with an ode to his nephew. “Life is very precious and can become you just like that. declined. Enjoy every moment. RIP RICO BURTON, may the lord grant you a good place in heaven. See you soon.”

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