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Brazil disgusted by thrown banana after Richarlison goal in Paris


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Brazil disgusted by thrown banana after Richarlison goal in Paris

In the Brazil-Tunisia friendly match, a banana was thrown at Brazilian player Richarlison after scoring a goal. The Brazilian Football Federation and national team players have expressed their disgust at the racist incident in Paris. The fact that the duel was dominated by the fight against racism made the incident extra painful.

Richarlison, player of the English Tottenham Hotspur, made the 2-1 for Brazil in the 19th minute. During the celebration of that hit, objects were thrown at the partying players, including a banana.

“This time I saw it with my own eyes. This shocked us all ,” Ednaldo Rodrigues, president of the Brazilian Football Association, wrote on Twitter. “Racism needs to be punished more severely. The fight against racism is not about one thing. We need a fundamental change to end this kind of crime.”

Richarlison also reacted to the incident, although he had not noticed the banana himself. “I think God didn’t allow me to see it because I don’t know what I would have done in the heat of the moment. Hopefully this supporter will be identified and punished and this incident is a lesson for others.”

Extra painful about the incident is the fact that the friendly duel was dominated by the fight against racism. Before kick-off, the Brazilian players had posed behind a sign that read: ‘Without our black players, we wouldn’t have a star on our shirts.’ The stars on the shirt of the Brazilian national team represent the number of World Cup titles won. The move was a result of the racist treatment of another Brazilian player, Vínicius Júnior, who was a victim of racism in Spain.

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