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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Brazilian bank robbers use hostages as human shields by tying them to cars during heists


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Bizarre images from the Brazilian city of Araçatuba, where dozens of robbers robbed at least two banks and then used hostages as human shields. At least three people have been killed, police said.


According to the Brazilian police, at least 50 heavily armed robbers were involved. They arrived in Araçatuba early in the morning, after which they completely isolated the city by blocking roads to the centre. They did this, among other things, by setting cars on fire.


The criminals used explosives to break into banks. They also attacked a police station. Explosions and shots could have been heard in the city for hours. After their act, the bank robbers would have fled with about ten cars.

In order not to be attacked by the police, bystanders were overpowered and then used as human shields. Images circulating on social media show two getaway cars. On one car there is someone on the roof as well as on the hood. The other car has another hostage on the hood.


Police say at least three people have been killed. It would be two local residents and one robber. Two suspects have also been arrested. Mayor Dilador Borges has called on all residents to stay indoors and schools are also closed. For example, the robbers may have left explosives in various places in the city. They are now being tracked down by the police. It is unknown what exactly was stolen by the criminals.

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