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British boy (17) arrested on suspicion of hacking Rockstar Games


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British boy (17) arrested on suspicion of hacking Rockstar Games

Police in London have arrested a 17-year-old boy in conjunction with the United States Federal Police Service (FBI). The boy would be responsible for hacking game company Rockstar Games and leaking the Grand Theft Auto 6 videos.

The underage boy was arrested on Thursday in his hometown of Oxfordshire on suspicion of hacking. The arrest would not only be linked to the hack on Rockstar Games but possibly also to the hack of Uber last week. Uber said earlier this week that the hacker in question was a member of the well-known hacker group Lapsus$.

Hackers group Lapsus$ has previously been responsible for hacking large companies such as Microsoft and Okta. At the beginning of this year, seven young people under 21 were arrested on suspicion of involvement in the hacker group. The leader of the group is said to be a minor British boy himself. The 17-year-old boy who was arrested for hacking Rockstar Games is suspected of belonging to the same group.

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