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BTS Skytrain in Bangkok urges passengers not to cross their legs


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BTS Skytrain in Bangkok urges passengers not to cross their legs

The operator of Bangkok’s Skytrain is urging its passengers to watch their manners by not sitting with their legs, as their feet could inadvertently bump into standing passengers.

“Please cooperate by not sitting cross-legged on the BTS Skytrain,” the Bangkok Mass Transit System PCL posted on their BTS Facebook page.

“The Page admin would like to seek the cooperation of passengers not to cross your legs while seated, especially when the train is accelerating, as your leg could unknowingly hit standing passengers.”

The post also urged passengers to give up their seats to those who need to sit, such as the sick, the disabled, children and pregnant women.

Responses from Facebook users showed that many Skytrain passengers are fed up with the “nasty behaviour”.

The post received more than 3,400 likes and was shared more than 450 times, with some 540 comments on Thursday afternoon.

Many internet users urged the BTS to make regular announcements through the onboard public address system, as they always encountered passengers sitting cross-legged.

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