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Burglary by a young man in Korat “sadly” failed and was in a precarious position


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Last Saturday evening there was great hilarity in the market at 8 pm when it became known that a young burglar was hanging helplessly with his neck from the ceiling.

The 14-year-old found himself in an awkward position when he tried to break into a phone shop in Wang Nam Kheow’s Wang Mee Market.

A woman enjoying her meal nearby heard his cries for help and alerted the waiter, who then called the store owner.

The owner arrived and found the teenager trapped in the ceiling. Apparently, he had removed some ceiling plates to lower himself to the floor but noticed too late that there was no way back

Ratanaporn Saeyang said she immediately rushed to her store when she learned of the debacle. It apparently took a group of people nearly an hour to free the boy from his trap, much to the delight of the bystanders.

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