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Carrion Crow led a man from Chonburi to the corpse of a man hanging from a tree


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Even though it’s not Halloween, a man from the district tells a horror story that he followed a black crow into the forest and found a corpse hanging from a tree. The Thai man, Khun Somkrit, told a local reporter, who heard the story with trembling knees, that he was about to cut down trees nearby when he saw the crow flying into the forest and heard it making loud noises.

“… The carrion crow I wished him would follow him, as much as 2 x 2 is five”

After the crow disappeared into the forest, he said, Khun Somkrit began to wander and prayed to forest spirits for guidance. When he looked up, he saw the dead man hanging from a tree.

The startled Somkrit ran out of the forest and called the police. He said he believes forest spirits sent the crow to find the man’s body. Police did not comment on Somkrit’s views on forest spirits that had led him through the forest.

The body is identified as that of 57-year-old Somros Chuachai. Somros hung five meters above the ground. Police believe he died five hours before the body was recovered. The body showed no signs of struggle. Police and emergency services struggled to remove the body. Relatives of Somros say he is a construction worker who has been under a lot of stress, although they declined to give further details. The relatives were emotional.

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