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Chicken lovers marvel at Korean KFC mint chocolate dip


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Chili sauce, barbecue sauce or sweet and sour sauce: at fast food restaurants you often have a varied choice of different dips for your fried chicken. South Korean KFC recently added a special flavor to that selection: mint chocolate sauce. Apparently a big hit in South Korea, but people around the world seem to be quite skeptical.

Mint chocolate has been very popular in South Korea for years. The flavor is used in all kinds of foods, from drinks to pizza and even noodles. So now the fried chicken also has to believe it. Videos appear on social media of people testing green-blue sauce and opinions seem rather divided. The predominant feeling? Confusion.

While many people are wildly enthusiastic about the special combination, for others it feels like a big joke (or insult?). For example, some chicken lovers think it feels like dipping your beloved hot wings in toothpaste.

“It’s so absurd that I had to try it. It wasn’t bad, but I’m confused that it exists,” writes a Twitterer with a series of photos of the sauce. Other people are more merciless: “This is the dark side of Korean fast food”, it sounds. “This is traumatic.”

Of course, you can only really judge when you have tasted the dip yourself, but you will have to travel to South Korea for that. As far as we know, the mint chocolate sauce is only available there for the time being.

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