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Couple Criticised For Photo Of Them Kissing Hanging From A Moving Train


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A couple have received criticism online for sharing a photo of their “wildest kiss”.

That would sound a bit harsh and unfair was the photo not a shot of the pair of them dangling out of the doors of a moving train in Sri Lanka.

Have a see what you think.

Jean and Camille are a couple from Brussels who packed in working office jobs to travel the world and share their adventures on their Instagram.

In this particular image, the pair are locked in an embrace hanging from the side of the train as it goes over what looks to be a bridge.

It is thought that Camille’s brother, who is travelling alongside the pair, was the one who took the shot.

Even if you – like several others online have pointed out – think this photograph is “dangerous” and “life threatening” you’d have to admit it is a well-conceived and executed shot.

It looks pretty cool, right?

That’s not necessarily the point though, is it? One slip and they’d both be off plummeting from the side of a moving train. Not so cool then, is it?

Well, people online have been quick to tell them all about this.

One commenter branded their actions “stupid” and told them that it was “risky behaviour”. Another told them “this is how people die”.

It’s not how that many people die, though. That would be remarkable.

Another angry voice yelled: “This is literally how people are forever remembered as people who died posing for Instagram,”

The list goes on.

Someone else said: “Problem is a lot of young idiots will try to repeat it now.”

Let’s hope not. The infrastructure in countries such as Sri Lanka – or anywhere else for that matter – might not be best suited to cope with everyone hanging out the side of trains.

According to the couple’s blog, they both worked in what we can safely assume were boring corporate jobs until last year when they set off on their travels.

Since June 2017 they’ve been sharing snaps from their journey to Instagram. That began in South America, where they stayed for five months.

Now, they manage to stay travelling about by doing a bit of freelance work and – of course – some paid social media work.

Decent work if you can get it, but is it worth potentially falling from a moving train?

One way or the next, they seem happy and they didn’t die in the end. It’s enough probably to say that you shouldn’t hang from the side of any moving transport if possible.

Cool shot, though.

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