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Cristiano Ronaldo first person with over half a billion followers on Instagram


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Cristiano Ronaldo first person with over half a billion followers on Instagram

Should Cristiano Ronaldo soon decide to end his football career, he can still become an influencer with the greatest of ease. The Manchester United player is the first person ever to have more than 500 million followers on Instagram.

Ronaldo has long been extremely popular on Instagram. In September 2020, the Portuguese star player reached 237 million followers, becoming the most followed person on the social media platform. Since last year, the number of followers has increased rapidly. In June 2021, he reached 300 million followers. Less than nine months later, the counter had already reached 400 million and now he has reached a new milestone with no fewer than 500 million followers.

The influence of the ‘Instagram king’ is still expanding rapidly every day. For example, Ronaldo gains almost 300,000 followers per day. This means that the distance to number 2 is getting bigger and bigger. In that place is his rival Lionel Messi with 376 million followers. The 37-year-old footballer also leaves behind other popular celebrities on Instagram, including Kylie Jenner (372 million), Selena Gomez (357 million), Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson (348 million) and Ariana Grande (340 million).

Although Ronaldo owes most of his income to professional football, he earns quite a bit from his Instagram account. He would earn about $ 2 million per sponsored Instagram post.

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