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Old women caught by The Excise Department making illegal alcohol.


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More than 1,000 liters of fake whiskey was seized from a 61-year-old senior on the 26th of December this year. Ekkasak Lekmanee from the Sukhothai Excise Department and officers went to an empty piece of land in Sri Satchanalai district in Sukhothai province after receiving notification of illegal alcohol beverage production.

Ekkasak discovered a senior woman named Amnauy 61 years old on the land. She was watching the alcohol being processed through many machines. The alcoholic beverage was whiskey which was stored in giant water jars made from clay with dragons printed on them. There were 10 giant jars that held 100 liters of whiskey each, an alcohol extraction machine with the capacity of 200 liters, a set of equipment, and over 100 liters of whiskey that is ready for sale. The Excise department seized all the alcoholic products and will be prosecuting the senior in charge of the operation by sending the senior women to the Sri Satchanalai local police.

Amnuay stated that the whiskey is prepared for the New Year. She plans to sell the homemade whiskey to people who will be traveling back to their hometown during the holiday. She explained that this is not her permanent job and is only a method for extra income during the holiday. Alcohol is in high demand during the holidays as it is extremely common to celebrate with friends and family on days off from work. Thousands of accidents occur each year during the New Year period as a result of non-responsible drinking such as driving under the influence and from drunk people roaming the country.

Currently, there will be charges of illegal alcohol production intended for consumption, possession of alcohol production machinery without a permit, possession of illegal alcohol, and the sale of illegal alcohol. All the alcohol found along with the machinery will be sent to the local police for further investigation of the case against Amnuay.


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