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Details on Thailand proposing extension of Tourist Visa to 45 days, goal of 20,000 international arrivals a month

It looks like the 30-day Tourist Visa will now be extended to 45 days which will make many people happy.

This new turnaround of events has been proposed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bangkok. This new 45-day visa would cover the current quarantine that is in place for all foreign visitors.

This proposal refers to the current 60-day Tourist Visa (TR) To which foreigners can extend their visit to a total of 90 days.

If the proposal is approved, the Tourist Visa extension can then be extended to 105 days.

Currently, the Tourist Visa can be applied from a variety of countries that includes Russia, the UK, the US, and even if a tourist is coming from a higher risk country.

In any case, a foreigner that is applying for the Visa must apply through their local council or embassy and go through the normal 14-day quarantine at their own expense at an alternative state quarantine facility.

They will then have to perform several Covid-19 tests also have mandatory Covid-19 insurance that covers them for $100.000  USD.

They must also show a fit to flt certificate and booking a flight will be very difficult in many areas and may include some other requirements and paperwork to fill in.

However, even though there is endless paperwork to fill in, officials have stated that so many people are still taking advantage of the program.

Many people just want to leave cold winters, lockdowns, and Covid-19 restrictions in their home countries are looking forward to coming to Thailand for some sun.

The Pattaya News has interviewed a number of foreigners all over Pattaya in the past several weeks and have said they have gone through the process.

This process is not intended for 1 or 2-week tourists or those on a strict budget but does allow those with the ability and funds to return to do so.

When the original Tourist Visa was launched, this was a major financial burden on many people however, this financial requirement has been dropped as officials have said they are trying to make the process easier but still safe.

There are even websites that have been created in English that are devoted to the alternative state quarantine process how one would go through it.

These “one-stop-shop” websites have now made the process easier according to Thai officials.

Based on current Capacity levels at airports and quarantine hotels Thai officials with the Department of Consular Affairs have stated that Thailand Can welcome 1000 new arrivals each day and there are 150,00 hotel rooms available in Bangkok to support new foreigner arrivals.

These figures do not just apply to tourists on a Tourist Visa but also those with work permits, married foreigners, ex-pats, and all other groups.

So far Thailand has welcomed a total of 45000 International arrivals From when the International ban was lifted months ago. That is an average of 10,000 people a month.

Officials have said that many of these people coming to Thailand are escaping cold harsh lockdowns from their countries that include Germany, Russia Japan, America, and parts of the UK.

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