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Driver Escapes Death After ‘Falling Asleep’ At The Wheel And Crashing Into Truck


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Falling Asleep: A delivery driver in Ukraine has survived against the odds after a terrifying crash.

This incident took place Mylushi in the Lutsk district after the driver ‘fell asleep’ at the wheel of his work van.

The ‘sleeping’ driver swerved dangerously across the white lines to the wrong side of the road, where he collided with an oncoming blue truck, which was towing a trailer.


CCTV footage shows the driver dangling out the side of the vehicle, after a huge part of the Renault was completely ripped away.

The driver looked utterly horrified as he surveyed the damage, but fortunately survived the ordeal. The other driver also managed to escape with his life and neither men were seriously harmed.

Onlookers stepped out of their own vehicles to offer the driver assistance, however he appeared too shocked to move.

Paramedics arrived quickly after the frightening crash, which could have easily have resulted in tragedy.

Witness Zil Nicholas stated:

The driver was going from Lutsk to Kovel. I saw that the driver was moving strangely and crashed into the oncoming vehicle.

We think that he had fallen asleep while he was driving.

A spokesperson from the Paramedics from the State Emergency Service of Ukraine said:

According to the preliminary information, there are no deaths. Passengers were hospitalised, all of them were conscious after the incident.

The RAC has given the following advice to drivers who find themselves getting sleepy while out on the road:

1.Rest adequately before setting out on a long journey
2.Include 15-minute breaks for every two hours of driving when planning a journey
3.If you start to feel sleepy, find a safe place to stop as soon as possible
4.Drink two cups of coffee or other high caffeine drinks and have a rest to allow time for the caffeine to kick in
5.Have a good night’s sleep before setting out on a long journey
6.Avoid making long trips between midnight-6am and 2-4pm when natural alertness is low
7.Share the driving if possible
8.Avoid eating a big meal before driving – remember this when stopping at a service station for a bite to eat!

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