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Driver’s license can be renewed from 6 months ago


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The Thai government’s DLT (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism: Department of Land Transport) has announced that it will be possible to renew a driver’s license six months in advance. It is valid from April 1, 2021.

TPN National News, which conveys national news in Thailand, reports.

The Thai government’s DLT announced yesterday, March 31, 2021, that it will be possible to renew a driver’s license from six months in advance.

This change in the renewal period of a driver’s license is valid for the eight types of driver’s licenses defined in the law of “the Automobile Act BE 2522” in Thailand.

DLT aims to alleviate congestion at the counter, etc. through this grace period. DLT also offers online training for license renewals to encourage online applications.

The outline reported is as above. For the application of individual cases, it is necessary to consult and confirm directly by telephone, etc. at the DLT window.

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