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Drunk Russian tourist in Pattaya smashes glass door of gogo bar after failing to pay bill and attacks one security guard


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After failing to pay his bill at a go-go bar in Pattaya, a drunk tourist raged violently, smashed the glass door of the bar and punched the guard. The incident took place at Dolls, a girls’ bar on Pattaya’s Walking Street. The tourist was later identified as 25-year-old Mr. viago.

Pattaya police received a call about 2:30 AM yesterday morning that a tourist in the bar was heavily intoxicated, unable or unwilling to pay his bill and eventually turned violent during the confrontation.

According to a security guard at the scene, the man had arrived earlier in the evening and had drunk several cocktails for a total of 900 baht.

The man was quite drunk when it came time to pay his bill. When the staff asked him to pay the bill, he fished out a pack of bills, usually 20 baht bills, from his pocket and tried to count the total bill, but only had about 500 baht on him. The staff insisted that he pay the remaining 400 baht, but Mr. Viago went all out at that moment.

According to the 58-year-old doorman’s report to the Pattaya police, the Russian pushed the staff aside and decided to run to the entrance and go for freedom.

Maybe he didn’t see the glass door, or maybe he was too drunk and thought he could get through it unscathed, and ran full blast through the door, the glass shattering and jumping in all directions. The glass cut the Russian in several places as he ran through the door.

The guard tried to stop the man outside, but Mr. Viago continued to fight and punched the guard in the face.

When police arrived, they tracked down the drunk Russian tourist outside and described him as drunk and injured, having injured his left arm and wrists during the violence and flight. mr. Viago only gave the police his first name and tried to deal directly with the doll’s owner to settle the damage caused by breaking the door open. He also tried to talk to the guard who had tried to chase him.

Neither the owner nor the beat-up guard were willing to make peace with him directly and insisted that he contact the Pattaya police directly. Police report that the Russian man has provided no further explanation than his apparent drunkenness and lack of money, and there is no information on how he ultimately arranged everything.

The owners expect compensation for the broken glass door and the injured employee.

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