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Elderly foreigner shot in the back in Pattaya


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British pensioner shot in the back in Thailand, police consider three versions, love triangle, and road or domestic conflict

In Pattaya, a 71-year-old British ex-pat pensioner who was heading home on his scooter on January 5 evening was shot in the back, police are considering several motives, such as a love triangle and a road or domestic conflict, reports the publication Khaosod.

The elderly man’s body was discovered on a dark road by Kittikhun Impeng, 29, who was driving by. The driver of the car saw the man lying face down with his helmet fully covered, with a red Honda Scooby motorcycle lying next to him. The man immediately called emergency services and an ambulance.

Rescuers arrived on the scene and performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation on the victim. The elderly foreigner was bleeding heavily and had a very weak pulse, but was still breathing. However, while being transported to the hospital, the man died.

Police found three 9 mm bullet casings and a slug from a distance of about 50 meters from the body, which are preserved as evidence. Police believe the man was attacked from the back and was shot at least five times, twice in the back, below the waist, in the right shoulder, and in the right armpit area.

The foreign man was identified as 71-year-old British citizen Neil Lewis Rogers. Police also identified the woman with whom the shot British man had recently lived in Thailand.

The man’s girlfriend turned out to be a Thai citizen, a 38-year-old native of the province of Mukdahan, Titiphan Kamlas. The woman burst into tears when she arrived on the scene and saw the body of her companion. According to one of the versions being considered by police, the British man was involved in a love triangle.

The woman told investigators that Rogers used to work as an engineer in the United Kingdom, but retired a few years ago and moved to Thailand. The couple had lived together for four years just two kilometers from the murder scene in a local village.

Titifan told officers that Rogers had returned the day before from a trip home to the United Kingdom, where he had flown on Christmas Eve to visit his elderly sister. On Thursday around 4 p.m., the Briton went to Soi Buakao in downtown Pattaya for a drink with a friend and compatriot named Peter.

“Before the incident, Roger told me he was going for a drink with Peter at the soi Buakao in downtown Pattaya. He asked me to go together, but I declined and we didn’t contact each other again. And then I got word that Roger had been shot.”

“He had never had any trouble with anyone before. He never told me unpleasant stories. He also has a lot of friends. So I don’t know who could have shot him or why,” a distraught Titifan explained.

Police Colonel Surakit In-am of Huayai Precinct, who is investigating the murder, said: “Titifan’s phone has been confiscated, we are checking all the conversations she had with the man and others. However, the deceased could also have been the victim of another foreigner or a participant in a traffic conflict when he was returning home.”

It is known that after meeting his friend Peter, the Briton stopped at a store and bought two cans of beans, a chicken fillet and a package of toast before continuing his motorcycle ride down Sukhumvit Street before entering the Chayaprak soybeans.

“The three motives we’re looking at are a love triangle, a traffic conflict or a domestic dispute. We also plan to interview all the people who last saw the victim before the murder to determine under what circumstances the man went home,” Surakit said.

“We have to decide if the attack was pre-planned or if it happened spontaneously, after some kind of conflict in a bar. The shooter left quickly and did not leave any significant evidence, nor are there any witnesses who saw the killing happen,” the police colonel added.

“Pattaya immigration and tourist police officers have been called in to assist in the investigation. They will check his visa renewals and various financial transactions to find out who may have benefited from the deceased’s death.

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