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Emiliano Sala: Cardiff Will Pay Nantes When Investigations are Complete!


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Cardiff Regard Nantes Demands as Insensitive

By Marc Gingell

In normal circumstances, when one club is late with an instalment payment to another, an accounting process kicks in and reminders are sent to request prompt payment. It’s not just football. All businesses have to make sure debts are paid. But in abnormal situations, different types of measures need to be considered and the financial Rottweiler’s kept on hold.

There is no doubt that Barclays Premier League’s Cardiff, and French Ligue 1 club Nantes, are in a difficult situation with Argentine striker Emiliana Sala who signed for Cardiff in January for a club record deal. Unfortunately, the 28 year old Sala took a seat on the Piper Malibu N264DB piloted by David Ibbotson, which lost radar contact on 21 January. The plane has just been discovered in the English Channel 67 metres underwater and 21 miles off the coast of Guernsey. Due to poor weather conditions, the plane has not yet been recovered.

Nantes have hit Cardiff with a £5.27M demand for instalment one of the £15M transfer. Cardiff regards this as ‘totally insensitive’ and have no intention of triggering any financial transactions until the flight investigations are complete. But Nantes are putting the pressure on with a legal request that the payment is received in the next 10 days.
Books do need to be balanced, and staff do needsto be paid, but surely the way forward is for both sides to sit down and chat. Emails, letters, and public statements are surely not the way forward in what is a sensitive situation.

Cardiff have followed all the standard rules with transfers which included insuring Sala so it’s not a question of Cardiff not paying. They just need to do things in the correct way and waiting for the results of a full investigation, does seem to make sense.

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