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Eminem On Talking Out Beef With Snoop Dogg: “Were Both Worried About Dr. Dre”


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In conversation with Paul Rosenberg, Eminem explained why he and Snoop Dogg made up their beef. He did so in a special edition of the SiriusXM podcast, which featured Eminem’s new album Curtain Call 2. According to the rapper, the health situation of Dr Dre, whom he and Snoop are both good friends with, play an important role in burying the hatchet.

Eminem admits in the podcast that he and Snoop had beef with each other. “Snoop and I had some problems with each other,” he says about the fight. During the same period, Dr. Dre has a brain haemorrhage. The producer was admitted to the intensive care unit of a Los Angeles hospital in January 2021 to be treated for a brain aneurysm. Dre later said doctors thought he was going to die.

The event showed the two iconic rappers that they had better get over their fight. “When that thing happened to Dre, I thought to myself, Bro, our beef isn’t important. It’s so stupid to be arguing with each other right now.” The rappers contacted each other not much later. “I don’t remember if I called him or he called me. But we talked it out then.”

Eminem says that the fight originally started because of miscommunication. “Snoop wasn’t on my album, The Marshall Mathers LP – ‘B*tch Please II’. I think it went wrong there because he would have liked to do something with me.”

Both Eminem and Snoop Dogg supported Dr. Dre at the Super Bowl halftime show early this year. The show went down in the books as one of the most legendary performances ever in the history of the event.

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