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Key Visa Company are highly trained visa consultants specializing in visa applications for Thai nationals wishing to travel for a holiday, or settle with their foreign partner overseas. We are very well known for specializing in visas for the UK, Australia and Ireland and we are recognized by most Embassies in Thailand. We also specialize in a legal marriage service and visa in Thailand making us second to none and we have succeeded over 14 years were many have failed.

Visa Companies do not usually pay the fee upfront on your behalf which shows how confident we are in helping you get your Thai girlfriend a visa to the UK, Australia or Ireland. Key Visa Company is managed by Darren Mcgarry a British Expat, with 14 years of experience as a visa consultant in Thailand so experience should never be questioned. We are used to constantly dealing with more complicated cases and visa refusals as a standard routine which most Thai Nationals and foreigners find very difficult if they are not sure of the requirements.


When it comes to obtaining a visa to Australia, Ireland, or the UK, Thailand nationals often need some help and plenty of guidance which is why we are here to take the stress away and sometimes the dreaded language barrier, especially if there partner is waiting for them in their home country which can be majorly frustrating.

Key Visa Company has also been the Visa adviser for the Pattaya Expats Club for 9 years which is something we are very proud of and we have advised thousands of expats in difficulty gaining us a reputation of not only being second to none but a honest and respectable limited company that does not lie to clients for their own personal gain. we are transparent and trustworthy and should always be your first choice because if we cannot get a visa for you then nobody can.

 Visa Applications

They specialize to visa applications for Thai Nationals looking to travel or settle abroad with a foreign partner. They are also experts in legal marriage services and visas with over 14 years’ experience in the field.


Managed by Darren McGarry a British Expat and the foremost expert in Thai visa law. He and his team deal with some of the most complex cases and have an extremely high success rate. They overcome the language barrier for you and ensure everything is laid out in black and white. There’s nothing worse than getting nowhere when it comes to arranging something as important as a visa which is why the guys at Key visa are so popular amongst the expat community.

Pattaya Expat Club

Key Visa work alongside the Pattaya Expat Club, advising and helping its members through difficult visa applications. This means Key Visa have gained a reputation of reliability and trustworthiness. Two very important attributes in their line of work!

Important Legal Documents

Key visa take care of all the important legal documents you may need to stay, or leave the kingdom including; pension letters, passports for infants, writing a last will and testament in Thailand, renewing UK passports in Thailand, document translations, visa refusals and retirement visas.
Everything is taken care of from the moment you arrive. You are taken through each step as they go so you are not missing any important details.

Key Visa Team

Darren and the Visa team have worked extremely hard over the past 14 years to build a very good reputation for themselves, especially in an industry which is tainted by so many untrustworthy companies looking to take your cash and feed you nothing but false promises and delivering nothing but broken dreams! Key Visa do things differently, Key Visa’s have a very strict policy of paying for a service only when the service has been completed and not a moment before!

So where ever you have travelled from in the world the multi-lingual team at our company will be there to help you through the process. It can be stressful, but we are here to make sure that it isn’t.




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