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Female GRAB drivers exclusively for women in Bangkok


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The transport service Grab has added a new kind of service to their range. Ladies can now opt for female drivers when they have to move through busy Bangkok.

Grab users can now choose female drivers as an additional option for rides to be transported through the Bangkok metropolitan area by ‘GrabCar (Lady)’.

It costs the same as the normal ‘GrabCar’ option, which calls private drivers but costs a little more than commercial taxis.

While regular taxi drivers are now portrayed in a less flourishing light, sexual violence and harassment are common in the Thai taxi world.

In 2019, a 33-year-old driver from the Singapore-based company was charged with raping a drunk 17-year-old teenager.

In 2017, a Brazilian tourist claimed she had been raped by a driver who was found to have several assaults in his criminal record.

Almost half of all women respond to a 2020 Thammasat University survey, claiming they had experienced sexual harassment on public transport, and more than half feared getting into a taxi.

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