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Ferocious crocodile in Nakhon Sawan gagged – Video


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Last week residents of Phra Non-sub-district in Nakhon Sawan’s Muang district were hesitant to leave their homes after a female crocodile was spotted nearby guarding her eggs.

The over 3m long crocodile was seen feeding her eggs near Monthong Shrine, which is located next to the province’s famous Bueng Boraphet.

The 224 square kilometre Bueng Boraphet in eastern Nakhon Sawan is the largest freshwater swamp in central Thailand and is home to many waterfowl and wildlife.

After people were warned about the crocodile, officials from the Region 12 Wildlife Conservation Office spent about 20 minutes catching the crocodile last week. She was then taken to the Freshwater Fisheries Research and Development Center in Nakhon Sawan for treatment before being released to Bueng Boraphet Nature Reserve.

The sanctuary is home to many other crocodiles and officials hope she will mate again as the 10 eggs she had so fiercely guarded turned out to be barren.

Located away from human communities, the sanctuary is flooded all year round, making it perfect for crocodiles.

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