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First hand message from Danny Quaeyhaegens, employee at Bangkok Hospital Pattaya


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First hand message from Danny Quaeyhaegens, employee at Bangkok Hospital Pattaya

It took some time and the media coverage was quite inconsistent but now there is light at the end of the tunnel. Since we ourselves always get our information on the day itself or even later, not all details are 100% clear yet, but still:

By October we will be assigned a batch of Moderna vaccines. Perhaps less than we would like.

From tomorrow, July 1, 2021, you will be able to register yourself in one of the hospitals that will be assigned to Moderna. But perhaps every hospital will ask for an advance of 3,400THB (I suspect to avoid some registering at 2, 3, 4, … places and then not showing up later so that the hospital has a surplus that cannot be kept).

I also expect that most hospitals will report that the advance is “non-refundable”. However, especially in conventional hospitals, I would not worry about this. This will also be to prevent people from not showing up and then still requesting their deposit back. However, in the event of overbooking or shortfall in delivery, your hospital will not simply pocket your advance but will look for a solution with you. On the other hand, an advance will not be a 100% guarantee that a Moderna vaccine will go into your arm in October … the hospitals are too dependent on external parties over which they have no control (manufacturer, government, government pharmacy, …)

For our hospital, BPH, I may be able to give you more info later today or in the coming days, but in any case, the booking can be done in the following ways:

– Via Facebook, Line, Twitter, … (the hospital’s social media channels) you will see announcements (possibly tomorrow) with a link to a page where you will be able to register (enter your personal details) and pay. (could be via Shopee, just have to wait)

– One or more places will be arranged in BPH from tomorrow where you can register and pay. Mind you, I have already sent this email to >100 people who have asked me to be kept informed and many of my colleagues also have such lists so the first day(s) there can be a bit of queue and chaos… so if you can do online I would recommend this, it will be easier for everyone this way.

If you would like to book in another hospital, keep an eye on that hospital’s social media channels today and in the coming days.

So everything is not 100% clear yet, quite a lot of “woulds” and “probably and” but I will keep you informed at the rate that further information is also trickling into us. (so you don’t have to call me for the time being…)

NOTE: The above is only for those who have a strong preference for Moderna and/or don’t want to wait for the (free) government program (currently with Sinovac and Astra Zeneca). So if you’re not in a rush (it could be your turn in the government program for the Moderna October timeline or a little later or even much later, we have no idea) and you’re OK with Sinovac (<60y.) or Astra Zeneca (>60y) you can also just wait for further possibilities there!

If you need more information, don’t hesitate to contact me.

For further questions, you can reach me below, keep healthy!

Danny Quaeyhaegens
Head of the International Insurance Department
Tel.: 038-259999 / Direct line: 038-909100 extension. 5283
Email: [email protected]

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