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Flo Rida wins $82 million energy drink lawsuit


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Flo Rida wins $82 million energy drink lawsuit

Flo Rida has won a big win in court. In a lawsuit against energy drink Celsius, the artist was found in the right, as a result of which he will receive $ 82 million from the company.

In 2014 the collaboration between Flo Rida and Celsius started. Last year, the artist sued the brand, because he would not have received what he was promised. For example, he would receive bonuses if certain quotas were met, but those quotas would not be clearly defined.

“During the pandemic, I was taking a hard look at all of my business ventures and this one in particular,” Flo Rida tells CNBC. “Celsius said one of the products I supported wasn’t selling well, but when I got a chance to look at it, I saw it was selling more than well. This product has made tens of millions of dollars since I joined the company. ”

Flo Rida was ruled in favor by a jury yesterday despite Celsius’ counterarguments. The company claimed that it paid Flo Rida enough for his contributions. Photos taken by reporter Cathy Russon show Flo in the courtroom embracing his lawyer after the verdict.

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