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Flood-damaged Jomtien Beach ready for traffic in 3-4 days


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A section of Jomtien Beach Road that was destroyed by storms last week is still being repaired. Pattaya City authorities say it will be ready for traffic in a few days.

But first, a recap of the past storms and road damage using our previous articles as a reference point:

Jomtien Beach Road was badly damaged by storms and flooding early in the morning on September 8, knocking out much of the road surface and dragging palm trees and even a traffic light into the sea.

One team from the Pattaya Municipality, led by Pattaya Mayor Sonthaya Kunplome, took a look to see the progress of repairs first-hand.

Mayor Sonthaya said: “We have used all possible means to expedite repairs on this road as this particular area is a major travel point, especially on weekends. The drainage under the road was also damaged and in need of repair.

“We first need to repair the drainage system that runs from Soi Wat Boon. The high water pressure during the storms caused the drainage system to collapse, causing the road near the beach to collapse after the pipe collapsed.” According to the mayor.

“After the drainage pipe has been completely repaired, we will repair the roadway. We expect at least one lane to reopen to traffic within three to four days, and the rest of the road as early as next week.”

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