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Florida man using thong as mask in protest kicked off United Airlines flight


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Not everyone is happy with the mask obligation and that also applies to American Adam Jenne. He finds wearing masks in aeroplanes especially ‘funny’. Since it is required by law to wear one, he decided to abide by that law, but in his own way. The United Airlines airline was anything but happy about that.

In a video circulating on social media, Adam can be seen wearing a bright red thong over his nose and mouth and being addressed by a flight attendant. “You have to get off the plane. We won’t let you travel,” says the flight attendant. When Adams then asks why he is being kicked out, the steward replies: “You are not complying with the mask obligation”.

The United Airlines website states that your mask should not have any vents or holes and that it should completely cover your nose and mouth. Adam believes his thong met those guidelines and so still doesn’t understand why he was kicked out.

The video also shows another man being surprised that Adam was kicked out of the plane. “Has he been sent out for wearing a face mask? Forget it, I’m out of here, ” the man says before he also leaves the plane. According to Adam, several passengers even got out as a statement of support.

After the incident, Adam received an email from United Airlines saying that he is no longer allowed to fly with the airline for the time being.

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