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Footballer knocks female referee to the ground after red card


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Shocking images from the Argentine football world have landed on social media. During a third-level match between Independencia and Garmense, a football player became so enraged by a decision by female referee Dalma Cortadi that he knocked her to the ground.

It concerns Garmense footballer Cristian Tirone. The images show that the referee first whistles a foul against Garmense, after which a heated discussion ensues. The referee told the radio station Urbana Play that she gave Tirone a red card after he called her names and intimidated her. Since the video has been cut, it cannot be seen that Tirone gets a red card.

After the red card, the enraged Tirone had to be kept in check by his fellow players. He eventually managed to break free, after which he rushed like a coward at referee Cortadi and attacked her from behind. The “footballer” was then taken off the field and arrested by the police.

Please note: the images below may be experienced as shocking.

Violence is a major problem in Argentine football. At the second level, away supporters have been banned from stadiums since 2007 after a supporter was murdered. At the highest level, fans have been banned from stadiums since 2013. This after a supporter was shot dead by a police officer.

Because of the violence in Argentine football, the organization Aprevide was created, which aims to combat violence in the Argentine football world. The same organization has decided that Tirone should never again enter a football field. Tirone was also banned for life by his club Garmense.

Cortadi said in a conversation with Urbana Play that she is doing well under the circumstances. She said it was the first time she had experienced anything like this. “I didn’t expect the player to attack me. That’s the last thing on your mind. I suddenly felt the blow from behind and I can’t remember anything else.”

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