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Footballer shows genitals to opponent during free kick


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Colombian footballer Geisson Perea showed his genitals to his opponents during a free kick yesterday in the game against Juguares. To distract them, the Santa Fe defender decided to drop his pants and show his young master.

Despite standing close to Perea, the referee did not intervene in the action. The incident was clearly seen on live television, where the cameras were focused on the Colombian protagonist at the specific moment. Then it erupted on social media with reactions to the bizarre asset that Perea had come up with.

Perea plays soccer for the Colombian soccer team Santa Fe. The club has not yet commented on the incident. Many people are also curious about the reaction of the Colombian football association, but a statement from that camp is still pending.

You may wonder if showing his genitals was of any use. In any case, the free kick did not go in, although it is of course difficult to demonstrate to what extent Perea’s young man contributed to it. Apart from Perea’s action, fans will be reluctant to remember the match against Juguares, as they ended up losing the top Colombian division game 2-1.

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