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Foreign tourists are not allowed to receive local residents in their room on Phuket


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According to many, the “Sandbox model” of Phuket is cracking on all sides, The foreign tourists who come to Phuket via the Sandbox model have to take into account a number of rules in force, one of which is the ban on using their sweetheart to be able to spend the night in a SHA + hotel.

That could be a problem for many foreigners, he who has sworn allegiance to his partner and who has been dry for a long time, is therefore not allowed to have his girlfriend’s buttocks.

Prospective foreigners are only allowed to share a room with their partner if they are legally married.

This can affect many men who, according to Buddhist tradition, have married a Thai in villages, but whose marriage is not legally registered.

“If foreigners arrive with a friend, lover or a sexual partner, they are not allowed to stay together,” said the head of Phuket’s tourism association, Phoomkiat Raktaengam.

The same goes for members who are part of the LGBTI community if the couple checks in together.

Phoomkiat took it a step further by saying that foreigners are also not allowed to sleep with so-called entertainers they met on the island, not even for a little fun during the day.

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